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What to do before you sell your house

You have decided that it is time to finally put your house on the market but how do you make your house stand out over many others, even with sale prices going extremely low these days? There are several things you need to put in place when you are on the verge of your selling your home that will guarantee you quick and satisfying sale. It is clearly a big move and probably the biggest sale you are making in your entire lifetime.

First, you need to observe carefully at what the entire market is doing; simply say you want to examine the condition of the market to see if it is a good time to put up your own asset for sale. The last thing (and probably a horrible thing) is to attempt to sell your house when prices are falling – a situation that could last for a long time and will not get you a anywhere near the price point you were aiming for. Next you want to find out and understand an achievable price for your house. Since you most probably are selling your house because you are looking at elsewhere, you want to carefully consider if what you are receiving for the house is going to be enough for any future plans you might have.

A good rule of thumb is to find a reliable real estate agent and spend quality time talking to them about any changes the home sale might require prior to the real sale advert. Of course real estate agents are experts and it is strongly recommended to use their knowledge in preparing a home for sale. Don’t get too surprised if your agent recommends certain repairs to be done as this may be critical to buying the buyer’s interest. As realtors, we simply like to imagine ourselves in the home so if the whole experience turns flaky with us, it would be harder to convince a potential buyer to actually spew their hard-earned money.

Ask your real estate agent if they can provide a marketing plan before your house is put up for sale as this will give you enough information as to how your house will be promoted. Becoming part of the plan could be essential to the whole sale process. After all, you don’t want to lose any chances and end up stranded in the same home until forever. Therefore when it comes to putting your house up for sale, the main points are identifying the state of the market and determining the basic requirements necessary for the big sale.

Also, it is quite important to note that no matter how you intend to sell your house, being flexible with the accompanying terms tends to attract more buyers and further increase your chances of selling the house. As a seller, the more you are willing to work with a potential buyer, the more likely you are able to sell your house.

Now, how can you make your buyers fall in love with your home? These are little things you can do yourself to improve your home and prepare it for sale.

  1. Fix the roof If you have a worn or damaged roof, potential buyers may lose interest almost immediately at the sight of your house. Roof repairs and replacements are a huge selling point! In the buyer’s perspective, it means they have found something safe and secure they don’t have to worry about.
  2. Clean the exterior A house covered with dirt or mildew is a turn-off for buyers. You can either hire a professional pressure cleaner or simply have it done by you. Whichever way you choose, it needs to be done.
  3. Update your kitchen If you have appliances that have been stocked for years, it’s time to replace them. Buyers won’t imagine living in your house if it looks old and outdated. This may be an expensive improvement but it guarantees you a big return at least.
  4. Clean the bathroom and toilet This is not the routine cleaning you do; NO! Let your bathroom and toilet sparkle like your sale depends on it. Bleach the grout between your tiles and the shower then endeavor to reseal your toilet if it won’t cost much
  5. Fix the windows, screens and others Take a walk around your house and carefully look at your windows, screens, gates and some other things that matter. Sagging screen doors and a gate that is all rusted can make a horrible impression so you don’t want to take chances in this regard.

Selling your house brings a whole lot of things to the table - packing your belongings, vowing to your kitchen sink that you’d never forget it and all. It takes a great deal of preparation to pitch up your asset and make quick, satisfying sale. It is a lot of work, we know! That is why we are here to serve.

Let Lucky Florida realtors ( help you to find the right buyer you are looking for today.

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