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Why It Is Important To Work WIth A Professional Realtor in Florida?

06-09-2015 in Buying Home

When you want to buy a new home and you’re out looking for value for money or exquisite properties in and around Florida, the best way to do this is by hiring a professional realtor. Without doubt, a good realtor will help you to realize the factors to consider you find a home that seems qualified and comfortable to buy. Finding a realtor however is not difficult but one that offers professional services like we at Lucky Florida Realty can be a little tasking. But hey! Good realtors are everywhere!

It is common for buyers to think that they will get a better deal when they purchase privately, it is often not the case however. One risks overpaying for a home when a professional realtor is out of the picture. Since you will not be paying commission (or a token at least) to the real estate agent, you have every reason to hire to professional body for the best tips and advice.

Let’s highlight a few reasons you need a realtor when buying a home:

  • A realtor can assist you to with necessary research for financing options and further refer you to lenders
  • A realtor will keep you focused so you don’t fall to make an emotional decision that may bring regrets later
  • A realtor will assist you with finding professionals for your home inspection
  • A realtor will help you with the process of viewing and deciding which homes to actually view
  • A realtor will negotiate on your behalf based on your instructions
  • A realtor will prepare the agreement of sale or purchase and conditions necessary for your protection.

While real estate agents are mostly associated with buying of houses and properties, at Lucky Florida Realty, we also put sellers into consideration in a quest to promote the market for both buyers and sellers of properties.

For property sellers…

A realtor’s services will ensure that the process of selling your home is as painless as possible. The agent will recommend necessary touch-ups for your home so that it can look more presentable to prospective buyers. Most importantly, a realtor will prepare you a market analysis that will help with tagging on your home a price that will be accurate and also stand out in the competitive market. Making profit might be the primary aim for selling your property but note that overpricing your home is a huge mistake!

A few reasons why you need a realtor as a seller:

  • A realtor will market your home to potential buyers as well as other realtors
  • A realtor will give you updates on the current market competition statistics
  • A realtor will schedule showings and give necessary feedback
  • A realtor will assist with negotiating process once an offer is received.

In all, working with a professional realtor should result in a convenient and productive sale or purchase of homes and properties in Florida. Are you now in need of a professional realtor that delivers true real estate service? Do not hesitate to contact us at Lucky Florida Realty today!

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